How to stop gas meter speed increase

Gas meters can be set to “auto” or “noise-free” at different times, which can result in a faster meter reading.It’s up to the owner of the meter whether they want to go with the auto setting or the noise-free setting.But a new technology called indoor gas meters could change that, and is already available for the first time in Australia.The […]

Gas meter location and meter readings

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has released its latest gas meter readings for the first time in its Gas Smell Meter Program (GSM) data set.The gas meter data has been collected by the NYS Department of Conservation since May 2013.The program aims to provide gas meter owners with more accurate information about their gas usage and a […]

Which gas meters have the most disclosure?

The average person doesn’t know much about the types of meters they use, but they should.The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission says about 60 percent of the gas meters sold in the United States are now hidden.The FCC has issued a series of reports on how to disclose the type of gas meter you are using.The data are useful because the […]

How to read your gas meter

Gas meters can be confusing to read.Here’s a simple way to get you through it.The first thing you need to know is that the type of meter you use can affect how it works.For example, a gas meter that reads your carbon dioxide level is a very good indicator of how much carbon dioxide you have in your tanks.You can […]

When the gas detector goes off

The gas meter on the Tesla Model S is showing an abnormal reading, according to Tesla.A company representative told CNBC the problem was related to the sensors installed in the vehicle.The issue affects the vehicle’s sensors that monitor the vehicle and alert the owner if it starts smelling of gas.The sensor readings should be higher than normal, but the Tesla […]

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