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Why are cars getting so expensive?

Why are cars getting so expensive?

Gas prices have soared in recent years as economies around the world have struggled to recover from the economic crisis.

And the world’s most populous country has taken note, with a new national gas price regulator announced today.

The country’s national gas company said the prices will be set for the second half of 2018.

The price of gas is set by the International Energy Agency (IEA) at $1.85 a litre.

This is about double the current average price of $1 a litter.

The IEA set the current benchmark for the cost of gas, and so this new price would mean gas would be cheaper than the previous year, but lower than the average price for the past six years.

It’s not clear whether the price increase will be permanent or temporary.

Inflation in the world has also risen sharply in recent months, which has led to prices rising.

“Gas is an essential commodity in our economy and, if we can find a way to lower the price of this essential commodity, then we can all be happy,” said Mr Jager, who was born in Switzerland but now lives in Sweden.

Mr Jager said the IEA’s new national price regulator would provide a fairer and more transparent way of calculating gas prices.

There are currently about 30 million people living in Norway who earn less than $50,000 a year, according to data from the country’s Statistics Authority.

However, it is the cost for fuel that accounts for about 60 per cent of their income.

According to the IEE, the cost to buy gas in Norway is around $2 a litne.

A new national policy for petrol and diesel fuel was announced in November, which will set the price for diesel fuel to $2.80 a litr, up from the current $1 per litre, as part of the countrys strategy to transition to a low carbon economy.

This would see the cost rise to around $3.40 a litree, compared with the current rate of $2 per litne, according the IHEA.

With gas prices rising, Norway is expected to become the third biggest importer of fuel in the European Union, behind Britain and Germany.

Norway is also the third largest importer and exporter of crude oil in the EU, according a 2016 report by the EU’s energy commissioner.

That means Norway is already contributing a large share of the EUs total fuel consumption.

The IHEB said the new national fuel price regulator will help improve the transparency of fuel prices in Norway.

But its main aim will be to make sure consumers in Norway get the right price for their fuel.

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