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Trump administration: Gas Meter Offers ‘Great Value’ to Businesses

Trump administration: Gas Meter Offers ‘Great Value’ to Businesses

The Trump administration is trying to change the way companies use gas meters to price electricity from gas stations, and it wants the Environmental Protection Agency to rewrite rules to make it easier for companies to use gas-fired power.

The White House says the move is necessary to “improve efficiency, reduce pollution, and support the American economy,” but industry groups say it will only encourage more gas stations to shut down and more businesses to leave the grid.

The EPA is proposing to rewrite the rules that currently govern the use of gas meters in order to make them more flexible and more easily adapted to modern utility technology.

That includes allowing for the use and sale of gas-to-electricity conversion stations, where the conversion of electricity to electric can be done for an extra fee.

The proposed rule also would allow for the construction of alternative energy projects to help support grid reliability and reduce the impact of climate change, including renewable energy projects, the EPA said in a news release.

“These proposed changes will help ensure the reliability of the electric grid and the protection of the environment,” the agency said.

But it said it will also help businesses and consumers by ensuring they have a better understanding of the costs of gas, which are “often higher than those of other fuels.”

“Companies will have more flexibility to adjust their pricing strategies to meet changing market demand and environmental requirements,” the EPA said.

The proposal is the latest attempt by the Trump administration to take steps to make electric generation less costly, and to improve energy efficiency.

The move comes after President Donald Trump signed a presidential memorandum last week instructing the EPA to revise the federal rules that govern the way electricity is produced and sold.

Trump signed the order on Friday.

It is unclear what other regulations will be affected, although the EPG said it is working with the EPA on possible regulatory actions to help businesses comply with the change.

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