Gas meter location and meter readings

Gas meter location and meter readings

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has released its latest gas meter readings for the first time in its Gas Smell Meter Program (GSM) data set.

The gas meter data has been collected by the NYS Department of Conservation since May 2013.

The program aims to provide gas meter owners with more accurate information about their gas usage and a means to understand the source of their gas.

Gas meter readings are collected by collecting the gas in the meter from all the meters installed in New York City, and then averaging the readings across all meters.

The average is taken from the first meter reading and the last reading from the second meter reading, but each individual meter reading may have a range of different values.

Gas Meter Location: The first reading of the gas meter is obtained from the last meter reading from a single meter.

The data is then averaged across all the meter locations.

The first meter readings is typically obtained from a home in the city of New York.

The range of the average for each location varies from meter to meter, and may be larger than the average of all the locations.

Gas Smell Measurement: The gas sniffer is then taken from all meters installed throughout New York, and averaged across the stations.

The sniffer measurement is typically taken from a meter installed in a public place.

The scale of the sniffer measurements is usually less than the scale of other readings, but varies greatly from station to station.

In total, New York’s GSM data has a total of more than 17,000 readings.

This information is being used to develop a “gas smell meter” that is used by the New York Gas and Electric Authority to identify the source and quantity of gas that is emitted from an individual gas meter.

The New Jersey Gas Smog Program has been using similar techniques to determine the source.

Gas meters are required by law in New Jersey to be installed on public property.

These meters have to be placed at least 100 feet (30 meters) from the nearest curb or curb ramp and at least 25 feet (7 meters) above grade.

Gas meters must be installed with an open, unobstructed view of the road.

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