Gas stations that will close this week due to drought

Gas stations that will close this week due to drought

Gas stations across the UK are set to close from today, after a period of heavy rain and a cold spell that has hit the country.

The UK’s Gas and Electricity Association (GEA) said that between 4.30pm and 7.30am (UK time) on Tuesday, all stations across England and Wales will be shut down due to “severe” weather conditions.

“The weather has made the situation much more serious, with the cold and wet weather causing disruption to many customers and causing problems with gas supplies,” the association said in a statement.

“There is a risk that some stations will not be able to supply gas at the current level of demand, and will close.”

The British Gas Association said it was working with other energy firms to help resolve the situation.

“We have been working with a number of companies to identify and assist customers who are impacted by the severe weather conditions in the UK,” said a spokesman.

“Some stations may be able and prepared to supply some gas during peak times.”

The weather conditions have affected gas supply in some parts of the country, with gas stations across London experiencing a spike in demand from customers looking for alternative supplies.

But some retailers are hoping to restore some normal supply and are now encouraging customers to get gas online.

“As gas is the most commonly used form of transport for many people in London and the surrounding area, the situation is becoming increasingly difficult,” said London-based gas retailer Lidl.

“It is a real concern that people are unable to get home safely at the moment and there are significant shortages in the gas market.

We are urging customers to seek out alternative forms of transport, including using a car or bus to get to and from their home.”

Gas prices have also risen in the past few weeks, with some stations closing because of low gas prices.

In February, Lidll’s average price was £1.50 per 1,000 cubic metres, and a 1,700-litre tank was £3.00.

“In many cases we have had customers saying ‘you don’t have gas and we don’t want to pay you anything for it’, and it has only escalated in the last week or two,” said the company’s chief executive, Tim Evans.

“Now is the time for gas customers to make a decision.

The cost of gas will go up in the coming weeks as the cold spells and wet conditions return.”

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