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When your gas meter is a digital device, it’s a different story

When your gas meter is a digital device, it’s a different story

A gas meter that has an internal digital reading could have a different set of issues if the device is exposed to the elements, according to a report from the Associated Press.

When the meter is switched on, the internal digital readouts show a reading on the device that is in the same range as the reading on a meter outside the same building.

But when the meter goes off, the reading changes from a high reading to a low reading, which is a different reading from the reading outside the building, according the report.

When a gas meter goes on or off, there are two different readings that go with it.

When the gas meter turns on, it changes the reading from a low one to a high one, and when it goes off it changes it back.

The report comes amid concern that many gas meters may be turning on or turning off automatically as the gas is used, which can cause problems if the meter isn’t properly switched on and off.

A spokesman for the gas company in question, Riggs Gas Corp., said in a statement that it’s committed to a “zero-tolerance approach” when it comes to gas meter malfunction, including replacing the meters with new models.

Riggs is using a system called “smart meter,” which allows the company to control the meters automatically.

The company said it is also “actively working to replace the faulty meters as quickly as possible.”

The AP reported that there have been no reported cases of gas meter malfunctions in the last year.

Riggers said in its statement that the company is working to fix the problem and will continue to make improvements to the technology.

“The company is also working with the EPA to ensure that we can ensure that the new, less-prone, more reliable technology we have deployed in the future is deployed in compliance with the laws and regulations in effect,” the statement said.

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