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‘Dangerous’ gas meter design makes a mockery of Canadian safety standards

‘Dangerous’ gas meter design makes a mockery of Canadian safety standards

By Peter MacdiarmidCBC NewsA controversial gas meter that uses an “X” shape to indicate it’s running is making the rounds on the internet.

The gas meter appears to be part of a collection of designs on social media, which include a “Dangerously” gas meter and a gas station that has a “dance” meter.

“You are not supposed to have a dance meter.

You are supposed to be the customer,” reads one post.

The “Dangers” gas station has a message for customers:If you are confused about whether your gas meter is running or not, read our guide to gas meters.

The designs, which are often similar, have become a popular trend on Twitter, which has been inundated with people expressing their concern with the design.

“I love gas meters, but this design is too close to my house.

My neighbours have complained about it,” one Twitter user wrote.”

What are we supposed to do with a gas meter?” asked another.

A gas station on Bremner Boulevard in Vancouver has been dubbed a “drink machine” by some.

A Vancouver Gas station in Bremning, B.C. (CBC)In a statement, the company said that the design of the gas meter was not intended to deceive.

“The design was meant to be a safe and convenient alternative to the more common ‘drink-and-go’ or ‘take-out’ gas station,” the statement said.

“It is a well known fact that there are safety standards for all types of retail locations in Canada.

These include: not having any meters that are larger than one metre in diameter and not having more than one meter of the same colour at one location.”

The company said the designs were inspired by the “dancing” meter on Twitter.

“There are many other options to meet your customer needs and we are excited to offer these designs to our customers,” the company added.

A new design for the “Dirty Water” gas pump in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

(Facebook)In January, Bremners mayor, Dan Kelly, announced he would be seeking a new city council and that he would ask a special committee to consider ways to improve safety standards in Vancouver.

The committee will meet in April.

The city’s Downtown Westside has been the subject of heated debate for years.

Kelly said he wanted to address the issue of “dirty water” in Vancouver by introducing a new design to address concerns over water quality.

“When it comes to public health and safety, we need to protect our community,” Kelly said.

Kelly’s announcement sparked debate on Twitter as people questioned whether he was actually serious.

“If you think this is a joke, look at the designs,” wrote one person.

Another person wrote: “Why does this design exist at all?”

“The “dangers” design has also inspired a number of other designs that have been posted on social sites such as Instagram, where they are sometimes accompanied by the hashtags #dangersandwater,” the city said.

The Vancouver Gas company said it would not be commenting on the designs or the controversy.

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